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  The Military Christian Fellowship
OUR MISSION  - Take the good news of Jesus Christ to the Canadian military community at home and abroad.
As Canadians gather for memorial services let us remember to pray for those in our armed forces who know and love Jesus and desire to make him known. These services are steeped in Christian values and are able to remind us of our foundations that helped make us strong.

               3 days to the Summit
Join us in Ottawa

Dear Supporter,
We have been looking forward to the time when Nhop would be hosting it's own conference, and now that time is here!
It is so appropriate that we are also celebrating the 10th anniversary of Nhop functioning in our current location. We must thank all of you who have contributed with your generous gifts of finances, prayers and most of all, your presence here to pray for our nation and our elected officials.
Join us for a special birthday Open House from 1pm - 4pm on Sunday afternoon at 17 Myrand Ave. 

Ken and Deb Smid will be formally introduced and welcomed as Associate Directors on Friday evening with many friends and family present to witness their installation. The addition of this gifted and capable couple along with our lead prayer missionary Sue Huston will complete the team and allow expansion of the vision.
The G1 Prayer Summit goal is to be connected and aligned, locally, nationally, and internationally with what we believe God is revealing in our day.
Our national & international guest speakers represent the best in their area of calling and gifting. We are confident that you will leave with the sense that the Holy Spirit has imparted what we require to go deeper in prayer so we can be aligned whenever God has positioned us.
Serving you in Ottawa

Rob & Fran, Ken & Deb and Sue

The Cabinet Ministers

1 Peter 2:17
Respect everyone, and love the family of believers. Fear God, and respect the King.
1. Pray that they will be men    and women of integrity and  courage to stand up for what is  right.                  Prov. 29:27
2. That they would be known for their humility which invites God's great grace and protects them from pride.    James 4:6
3. For wise and Godly counselors to help our leaders reach their full potential.          Prov. 11:14
4. That the motives behind any decision would not 'feed' selfish ambition but instead will be for the benefit of the entire nation.                                     Prov.20:28
5. That they would be encouraged to adopt a lifestyle that promotes good health and endurance.            1 Corn 9:24
6. May they pursue meaningful time with their family which brings stability at home and at work.                      Ps. 128
7. That there would be a culture of co-operation and honour within all parties.    Mic 6:8

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