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It is better to pray before an election than after
Be part of a Prayer Team

Qualicum Beach
Nhop will be entering our next
season of hosting prayer teams.
There's still 3 weeks this spring
to bring a group during the nicest
months in Ottawa!
If you are interested,May 25-29
June 1-5 or 8-12 are open dates.
"Choose some wise, understanding and respected men from each of the tribes, and I will set them over you."
                                                                                                Deuteronomy 1:13

It is so encouraging to know that there are currently many prayer ministries that have begun interceding for the October Federal Elections. This reminded me of a memorable time in Kiev Ukraine where we met with prayer leaders, pastors and visited the Parliament together to pray for their nation.

This photo gives you a glimpse of that visit. Notice the woman holding an orange flag; I recall commenting to her that it looked like the flag used during the orange revolution demonstrations during the elections.

Then she relayed the story. Many Christians gathered during that time among the crowds to pray and serve hot drinks. As the numbers attending increased, they choose a bright orange flag to indicate where they were meeting for prayer.

This burst on the scene as a symbol of the Ukrainian peoples' hope for a positive change in their government leading towards democracy. Recent events in Ukraine remind us of those who are still praying for their nation and that change requires us to persevere in prayer and action.

In Canada we are privileged to live in a free and democratic society. May we not neglect our responsibility to care for our nation as God has instructed us to do. As we gather in our 10's, 50's and 100's to pray for God's best for our nation over the next few months we can be assured that He hears us. 


             Church in Canada: burst forth in prayer on behalf of our nation!


                      You are the salt of the earth......Matthew 5: 13-15

                       We Have A Voice

Rob has responded to a prompting from God to produce a booklet to help equip the Church to prepare for the October federal election. As he says."Now is not the time for the Canadian Church to be asleep."

The goal is to distribute this booklet as widely as possible to feed the call to prayer for the sake of our nation! What would happen in Canada if 100% of the Church voted?

This booklet is written from a non partisan perspective and presents a biblical view on voting and also reminds us of some important issues that Christians need to consider as they go to the polls.

The cost of the book is $5.00 plus shipping or a PDF version is available at the same price of $5.00.

For orders of 20 or more books shipping is included.


To order a booklet/s the link above will take to the page.(

                         Praying for our Canadian Armed Forces
Pray that the soldiers will maintain strong bonds with home and family.
Specifically pray for the children of the members as they cope with schoolyard taunts and bullying from those who may not agree with the government decision to continue to engage in this conflict.
Let's remember to pray for the CAF as they have deployed for service in the middle east conflict. Pray that there will good and clear intelligence so that they can make the best decisions and to achieve their objectives with precision that will minimize unwanted damage.

Pray for Ravi Zacharias and Dr. Kent Brantly as they share with Faith leaders, Members of Parliament and members of the Diplomatic Community. Pray that they will respond as they listen to testimony and a clear gospel message explaining God's love.



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