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Life on the Highest Plane
by Ruth Paxson


In Three Volumes


Every Christian has inherited untold riches. As a child of the King and a joint heir with Christ he is a spiritual multimillionaire. But comparatively few Christians bear the marks of spiritual affluence. Their conversation, character and conduct give the impression rather of spiritual impoverishment. Throughout the Church of Christ there is a universal complaint of dearth and deadness.

Many Christians do not seem to be conscious of their lack or their need. They are indifferent and self-satisfied. But, on the other hand, there are many whose lives are characterized by a humiliating consciousness of defeat and failure, by a growing unrest, and by a perpetual striving for something never attained. Their hearts cry out insistently, "Lord, is there nothing better than this for me in the Christian life?"

The purpose of these studies is to teach what are the Christian's possessions in Christ and how they may be appropriated, enjoyed and used.

These Bible studies were first given in embryo to pastors, evangelists, teachers and other Christian leaders in Conferences held in China. Later they grew into full size as they were taught in weekly Bible classes stretching over a period of six months.

In response to many requests from both Chinese and missionary friends that this message might be made available for their use, it has been prepared for publication.

God is building a spiritual house for His own glory and use. This house is composed of a foundation, a superstructure and furnishings.

These studies attempt to furnish the plan of such an habitation and to show step by step the process of its building. Each chapter is, as it were, a story complete in itself yet connected both with the story underneath it and the one above it. The work is divided into three volumes as here indicated:


Part 1
Christ Jesus



Part 2
The Believer in Christ
Christ in the Believer


Part 3
The Holy Spirit



It is the hope of the author that these Studies may be used by groups, as well as individuals.

The author wishes to acknowledge her indebtedness to Mrs. Mary McDonough for the use of Charts 2, 3, and 4 which are in her book God's Plan of Redemption; to the many authors whose books have been consulted for inspiration and confirmation and to the many friends who have had a large share in the sending forth of this message in print through their faithful and believing intercession.

This book is now given back to God with the prayer that He will use it to lift many to Life on the Highest Plane.

Ruth Paxson

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